Differences and applications of G652D and G657A fibers

Both G652D and G657A fibers are single mode. The latter is to enhance the bending resistance on the basis of the former, and other indicators are basically the same (the mode field diameter is slightly different).

G.652D optical fiber is used in backbone network and metropolitan area network, and is the most used optical fiber. G.657A fiber is used in access networks such as FTTH.

The performance and application environment of G.657A fiber is similar to that of G.652D fiber. The working fiber can be used in D, E, S, C and L5 bands, and it can work in the entire working wavelength range of 1260-1625nm.

The transmission and interconnection performance of G.657A fiber is the same as that of G.652D. Different from G.652D fiber, in order to improve the optical fiber splicing performance in the fiber access network, G.657A fiber has better bending performance, and the technical requirements of geometric size are more accurate.

G.657 optical fiber is also known as bending loss insensitive optical fiber. G.657 optical fiber is used in the optical fiber cable that is thinner than ordinary telephone lines for FTTH access. Without G.657 fiber, there is no large-scale application of FTTH. G.657 fiber is divided into several sub-categories, and G.657A2 is currently commonly used.

G.652 optical fiber is the most widely used optical fiber in the metropolitan area network. Except for the FTTH home optical cable, G.652 optical fiber is basically used in other communication optical cables in the metropolitan area. G.652 fiber is divided into 4 sub-categories, currently G.652D is generally used.

Compared with G.652D fiber, how strong is the bending resistance of G.657A2 fiber.

Minimum bend radius requirements for G.657 and G.652 fibers in the standard

In the relevant standards, the minimum bending radius of G.657A2 fiber is recommended to be 7.5mm, while the minimum bending radius of G.652 fiber is required to be no less than 30mm, but the meaning of the minimum bending radius of the two is completely different.

The minimum bending radius of G.657A2 fiber refers to: the fiber is loosely wound for 1 turn with a radius of 7.5mm, and the additional attenuation measured at 1550nm/1625nm does not exceed 0.5dB/1.0dB respectively.

The minimum bending radius of G.652D fiber refers to: the fiber is loosely wound for 100 turns with a radius of 30mm, and the additional attenuation measured at 1625nm does not exceed 0.1dB.

We can provide Single-mode fiber optic patch cords with G652D Fiber and G657A fiber, etc. The Connectors are LC, SC, FC, ST, MU, DIN, MPO, etc. The cable diameter is 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm. The cable length can be customized as customers request.