OS2 9/125 Single-mode fiber optic patch cords

Short Description:

Item: OS2 9/125 Single-mode fiber optic patch cord
connector type: LC/SC/FC/ ST/DIN/MU/MTRJ, UPC/APC, etc.
Cable type: Simplex/Duplex
Insertion Loss <= 0.3dB, Return Loss >= 50dB

  • Brand Name: Rollball
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
  • Payment Terms: Paypal, Western Union, T/T
  • Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS

ROLLBALL’s OS2 9/125µm Single-Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cord




  • Grade-A quality
  • Compliant with RoHS standard
  • Insertion loss less or equal to 0.2dB, return loss greater or equal to 50dB
  • Customized cable length
  • Cable type simplex/duplex is available
  • Fiber type OS2 9/125 Single-mode
  • Connector type FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, DIN, MTRJ, D4, MPO



  • Signal transmission and data transmission
  • Telecommunications network, local area network (LAN), metropolitan area networks, optical fiber communication systems
  • Fiber optic test equipment / instrumentation
  • Optical fiber CATV (cable television), optical fiber sensors
  • Fiber-optic broadband-home, FTTH fiber to the home


Test Procedure

We have very strict quality control procedure on fiber patch cord production as bellows:

  • 400 time microscope check on surface of ferrule after finish the polish
  • Insertion loss and return loss test after finish the final assemble
  • 400 time microscope recheck before put the dust cap
  • Interference test according to customer’s requirement


Tech Specifications


Insertiong Loss

≤ 0.3db

Return Loss



≤ 0.2db


≤ 0.2db

Operating Temperature

- 30℃ — +75℃

Storage Temperature

- 40℃ — +85℃

Fiber type


Cable type

2.0mm & 3.0mm PVC, LSZH or OFNP


The features of PVC, LSZH and OFNP Jacket are as follows:

  • PVC cable resistant to oxidation and degradation, it is commonly used for horizontal runs from the wiring center.
  • LSZH cable has a special flam-retardant coating, it is between floors in a building.
  • OFNP cable is space within the building created by building components, design for the movement of air. It is usually work for vertical runs beween floors.



Order information

P/N Fiber type Connector type
P-XXX-XXX-S-S-X-X-X OS2 9/125 Single-mode, Simplex; PVC/LSZH/OFNP optional, default PVC Jacket LC/UPC, SC/UPC, FC/UPC, ST/UPC, MU, MTRJ, DIN, etc; cable length custom
P-XXX-XXX-S-D-X-X-X OS2 9/125 Single-mode, Duplex; PVC/LSZH/OFNP optional, default PVC Jacket LC/UPC, SC/UPC, FC/UPC, ST/UPC, MU, MTRJ, DIN, etc; cable length custom