DiCon Fiberoptics Announces Optical Attenuator Module for GP750 Test Platform

Richmond, CA-DiCon Fiberoptics is excited to announce a new optical attenuator module for the GP750 test system, a fiber optic test system able to automate optical switches and fiber optic attenuators with complete plug-and-play modularity and easy control options. The new fiber optic attenuator module is designed for use with single mode fiber and can support up to 8 optical attenuators in a single module.

“The new optical attenuator module will be useful for test set-ups that require power equalization between multiple channels, OSNR Measurements, or power adjustments for EDFAs,” said Robert Schleicher, VP of Product Development. “It is designed for use with the GP750, an ideal platform for automating the testing of fiber optic systems. The GP750 and its family of plug-in modules provide a useful, time-saving system for production or research environments.”

The fiber optic attenuator module is made for use with single mode fiber, and can support up to 8-fiber optic attenuators in a single 1-wide GP750 module. The maximum attenuation level can be specified as needed up to 40dB of attenuation, and can also be specified for narrowband or broadband use in the 1290-1330nm, 1530-1570nm and/or 1570-1610nm wavelength ranges. In addition, DiCon also offers other optical attenuator modules such as a dynamic power equalizer version, which has built-in detectors that are used for maintaining constant power levels, channel to channel.

The GP750 is a fiber optic test system, able to automate fiber optic switches, fiber optic attenuators or tunable filters. The system is completely modular in design, which makes long-term service and future upgrades easy. If downtime is critical, back-up modules could be kept on hand and swapped out in no time. The GP750 is also easy to control with its intuitive front panel or automated via Ethernet, RS-232 or GPIB.

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