2.5G CWDM SFP Transceiver Modules

Short Description:

Item: 2.5G CWDM SFP Transceiver Module
Wavelength: 1270~1610nm
Max Distance: 80km
Compatible:  Cisco, Juniper Networks, Arista Networks, Brocade, HP, Dell, Extreme Networks, H3C, Huawei, or custom.
Model: Commericial grade: 0 to 70 degree; Industry grade: -40 to +85 degree.

  • Brand Name: Rollball
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
  • Payment Terms: Paypal, Western Union, T/T
  • Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS


Generic compatible 2.5Gb/s CWDM SFP Transceiver modules




  • Rollball’s 2.5Gb/s CWDM SFP transceivers are high performance, cost effective modules supporting data-rate of 2.5Gbps and 80km transmission distance with SMF. The transceiver consists of three sections: a uncooled CWDM DFB laser transmitter, a PIN photodiode integrated with a trans-impedance preamplifier (TIA) and MCU control unit. All modules satisfy class I laser safety requirements. And it is widely used in telecommunications networks, aerospace, aviation, electricity, railways; medical, transportation, communications and other major areas.



  • Data-rate of 2.5Gbps operation
  • 18 CWDM DFB wavelengths laser and PIN photodetector up to 80km transmission
  • Compliant with SFP MSA and SFF-8472 with duplex LC receptacle
  • Internal Calibration or External Calibration
  • Compatible with SONET OC-24-LR-1
  • Compatible with RoHS
  • +3.3V single power supply
  • Support Digital Diagnostic Monitoring interface, default with DDM;
  • Operating temperature: commercial (0°C to 70°C) and industrial grade (-40°C to 85°C);



  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Fiber Channel
  • Switch to Switch interface
  • Switched backplane applications
  • Router/Server interface
  • Other optical transmission systems


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CWDM SFP-2G 1470-1610nm 40km


CWDM SFP-2G 1470-1610nm 80km


CWDM Wavelength Guide

XX Wavelength XX Wavelength
27 1270nm 29 1290nm
31 1310nm 33 1330nm
35 1350nm 37 1370nm
39 1390nm 41 1410nm
43 1430nm 45 1450nm
47 1470nm 49 1490nm
51 1510nm 53 1530nm
55 1550nm 57 1570nm
59 1590nm 61 1610nm