ROLLBALL 1.25g optical modules upto 160km

ROLLBALL Provides the 1.25g SFP optical modules support a maximum speed of 1.25gbps, adopts FP or DBF laser, and can be compatible with multiple brands of switches, with commercial and industrial grade options.


Product picture

 sfp series

Product features

1. Standard SFP package, LC or SC interface optional

2. Single mode, multi-mode, single fiber, dual fiber optional

3. 1.25gbps transmission rate

4. The maximum transmission speed of single mode is 120km

5. Multimode maximum transmission 2km

6. Support digital diagnostic monitoring

7. RoHS compliant

8. Comply with SFP MSA and sff-8472

9. Low power consumption, low heating, good stability

     Commercial and industrial grade options


Product application

1. Telecommunication network

2. Switches, servers, etc

3. Security monitoring network system

4. LAN system

5.Industrial control network system


Application diagram:

Application 1: Optic switch to Optic switch

 SFP Application 1_ switch to switch

Application 2: Optic switch to Media converter

 SFP Application 2_ switch to media converter


Other optical transceiver modules products

In addition to the 1.25g optical module, Rollball also provides 10G, 40G, 100G and 200G optical modules to meet the requirements of high-speed application scenarios such as data center and 5g. Rollballs optic transceiver modules are with good compatibility, can be compatible with various brands of switches, servers and other equipment, and has high cost performance, so it is the best choice for high-speed transmission system.


About us

Rollball International Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R & D, production, sales and technical services of optical communication products in the field of communication technology. We are very professional manufacture with optic products over 15 years, our optic transceiver modules and DAC/AOC cables are with CE, FCC, RoHS Certificates. 

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