GEPON ONU Stick SFP Optical Module
Short Description:

Item: GPON ONU Stick Transceiver Module
Module model: GEPON PX10/PX20/PX20+/PX20++ are available, Gpon stick B+/C+/C++ varities optional
Compatible:  Cisco, Juniper Networks, Arista Networks, Brocade, HP, Dell, Extreme Networks, H3C, Huawei, or custom.
Model: Commericial grade: 0 to 70 degree; Industry grade: -40 to +85 degree.

  • Brand Name: Rollball
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
  • Payment Terms: Paypal, Western Union, T/T
  • Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS

ROLLBALL’s GPON ONU Stick Optical Transceiver Module


  • Providing Pluggable Gpon ONU/GEPON ONU
  • Interface for Ethernet Switches
  • Wireless Backhaul Equipment
  • Ethernet Denarcations, Routers
  • Other Customer Permises Equipment
  • Applies to Access Networks P2MP
  • GEPON PX10/PX20/PX20+/PX20++ are available
  • Gpon stick B+/C+/C++ varities optional
  • Applies to FTTH/FTTC/FTTO/FTT(X)
  • Fiber Pigtail optional, default without pigtail
  • Complies with RoHS
  • Operating Case Temperature                                         

                 Standard: 0°C ~+70°C                                          



Product Description

  • XPON stick series module is a high stability access network ONU module, which is independently researched and developed, produced by Rolball International. The module Applies to Access Networks P2MP; GEPON PX10/PX20/PX20+/PX20++ and Gpon stick B+/C+/C++ varities optional; Applies to FTTH/FTTC/FTTO/FTT(X) and Complies with RoHS. It is widely used in telecommunications networks, aerospace, aviation, electricity, railways; medical, transportation, communications and other major areas.


Order Information

P/N Parameter
RNU-EK-20 SFP-GEPON-ONU-stick-PX20;0ºC ~ +70ºC/-40ºC ~ +85ºC
RNU-EK-20B SFP-GEPON-ONU-stick-PX20+;0ºC ~ +70ºC/-40ºC ~ +85ºC
RNU-EK-20C SFP-GEPON-ONU-stick-PX20++;0ºC ~ +70ºC/-40ºC ~ +85ºC
RNU-GK-20B SFP-GEPON-ONU-stick-B+;0ºC ~ +70ºC/-40ºC ~ +85ºC
RNU-GK-20C SFP-GEPON-ONU-stick-C+;0ºC ~ +70ºC/-40ºC ~ +85ºC
RNU-GK-20CP SFP-GEPON-ONU-stick-C++;0ºC ~ +70ºC/-40ºC ~ +85ºC