The 42nd American Fiber Optic Communications Exhibition and Seminar

42nd US fiber-optic communications exhibitions and seminars (OFC 2017)ofc 2017 america


Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exposition is organized by the American Optical Society (OSA), the American Institute of Communications (IEEE / ComSoc), the American Laser and Optoelectronics Association (IEEE / LEOS). OFC is the most important event in the global optoelectronic optical communication exhibition.

OFC has been successfully held since 1975, has been successfully held 41, has now been recognized as the field of optical communications in the world’s highest specifications, the largest, the oldest, most professional, the most influential international event. OFC is held every year, there are three days for the exhibition. There are five days of the seminar. OFC gathers numerous new ideas, industry top ideas and hundreds of exhibitors, the latest technology research on optical communication modules, systems and networks progress. In the optical communications industry, there is no other time to gather such a rich resource like OFC. From professionals around the world, meet, share knowledge, build contacts, discover business opportunities and work together to drive industry development.

The world’s major optical communications gathered, the theme of this exhibition for the “data center”, the mainstream companies have released new products, new technologies, including the next generation of 400G, 200G products, 10 PON, 100G PON products, and silicon photon 100G products ; For the market is the outbreak of different views, China’s optical chip business progress … …