M & M: By 2021 the global fiber market is expected to reach $ 5 billion

According to market research firm Markets and Markets, the global optical fiber market value in 2010 was $ 3.13 billion, and it is expected to reach $ 50 by 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.8%.

Increasing number of end applications, such as telecommunications, cable television, houses and sensors, are driving the development of the fiber market. With the increase in Internet applications, such as Internet of things, large content and video streaming demand is also to promote market growth.

Cable TV is expected to be the fastest growing fiber market

Due to the rapid growth of the Asia-Pacific region, cable TV is expected to be the fastest-growing terminal application in 2021. Such as increased disposable income, consumer preference for high-definition content, flexible government tax policy, rapid technological advances in products and products, major domestic and foreign manufacturers to bring competitive prices, is to promote the cable television application market development of several major factor.

Single-mode fiber type is expected to occupy the largest market share

In 2016, single-mode fiber to occupy the largest market share, is expected throughout the forecast period will continue to lead. Efforts to improve the penetration of telecommunications services in emerging countries in the Asia-Pacific region are due to the growing demand for single-mode cables in the region.

The glass fiber type will be the fastest growing fiber type in the fiber market

Glass fiber type will show the fastest growth in 2016-2021. Such as emerging economies, the rapid expansion of telecommunications applications, the economies of the government is trying to increase the network connection and consumer preferences change and other factors is expected to promote the development of glass fiber market.

[B] Asia-Pacific region is expected to become the largest fiber market [/ b]

By 2021, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to become the largest fiber market. Industrial growth and the growing telecom industry are growing in the region as a result of the growing demand for Internet in emerging countries. With the upcoming infrastructure projects such as energy, transportation networks, institutional sites and residential projects, it is expected to drive the region’s fiber market. With the improvement of living standards, large-scale investment also provides opportunities for infrastructure construction, which will lead to high growth in the optical fiber market.

The main players in the global fiber market include, for example, Corning Corporation (USA), Prysmian (Italy), AFL Global (USA), Finisar (USA), Lenny (Germany), Changfei Fiber Optic (Shanghai) Sumitomo Electric (Japan), Furukawa Electric (Japan), Cable Company (Japan), Hitachi Cable Co., Ltd. (Japan).