Huawei calls for the next generation of PON standard fusion – symmetrical 25G PON


Huawei held the symmetrical 25G PON key technology, which can realize the bandwidth of single fiber N * 25G through multiple wavelength bindings. At the 14th Global Analyst Conference held in Shenzhen, Huawei shared the symmetrical 25G PON key technology. Huawei also called on the upstream and downstream industries to jointly promote the next generation PON standard integration.


Why the need for standard integration

 For PBC’s future standards and research direction, Huawei actively supports the next generation PON standard integration. Due to historical reasons, the operator’s current network equipment using EPON / 10G EPON and GPON / 10G GPON two sets of industry standards, resulting in the existing network there are two kinds of equipment, an increase of network construction and maintenance costs. In order to expand the market size of PON, to achieve industrial chain sharing, reduce deployment costs, shorten the time to market, including ITU-T, IEEE, BBF and other standard development organizations, as well as China Telecom and other leading operators have issued initiatives to jointly promote the next generation PON standard Fusion. Huawei calls on the upstream and downstream industries to jointly promote the next generation of PON standards and industry integration, and jointly promote the sustained and healthy development of PON industry.


Huawei’s advice

   Single-wave 25G PON with a fixed wavelength, to achieve a more simple, while single-wave 25G rate optical device industry chain is more mature, with the data center and Ethernet to share the industry chain, to further reduce the cost of optical devices and improve reliability. Huawei recommends 25G PON upstream wavelength reuse 10G PON standard, which is better compatible with existing 10G PON terminal.


Bring the benefits

   At present, Huawei’s symmetrical 25G PON prototype developed based on the large-capacity distributed OLT MA5800 platform, which has been commercialized by scale, can realize N * 25G high bandwidth by binding of multiple wavelengths. Can re-use the existing ODN infrastructure, and support and GPON and 10G PON users coexist, so as to effectively protect the operators to invest in PON technology to achieve a smooth evolution.


   Digital transformation brings important development opportunities, network construction is driven from technology-driven to commercial value-driven, technological development and evolution of the line has gradually returned to the commercial nature. Huawei’s comprehensive cloud network solution is designed to achieve business success by building agile, intelligent, efficient and open, comprehensive cloud network.