Finisar Pluggable Optical Module in DataCenter Applications

With the integration of new participants, pro-business models and new technologies, the data center ecosystem is experiencing unprecedented development and innovation, and an important trend is the new architecture and ultra-high performance that fiber technology brings to data centers.

For data centers, fiber technology is no longer dispensable, or only used to solve the most difficult problems of interconnection technology, and now, high bandwidth, high port density and low power requirements require fiber technology to solve, And the current fiber technology is already a batch of products, low-cost technology, widely used in switches and server interfaces and other applications.

10G, 40G and 100G optoelectronic products provide the highest bandwidth, highest density, lowest power consumption and lowest total cost of system interconnection for the data center, while the product is moving to 400G and more in the data center area. High-speed development, with the industry to promote optical interconnect technology to help achieve large-scale, high-bandwidth, high flexibility, high efficiency, highly interconnected modern data center.


Finisar Pluggable Optical Module addresses the following issues in the data center:

1, extending the data center distance

Finisar Optical Communications products cover all current Ethernet rates from 100Mb / s to 100Gb / s, our single-channel 25G Ethernet optical module leads the next generation of servers and switches to the optical module market, 40G QSFP + products on multimode fiber Can support up to 300m transmission distance, much higher than the IEEE 40G Ethernet standard distance. Our OIF module or CFP2-ACO module supports more than 500km transmission distance for metro or inter-city interconnects in the data center, with 40KQ 40G QSFP + products delivered on single-mode fiber and 80G 10G SFP + products.

2, to enhance the density & reduce power consumption

Finisar understands the importance of data center thermal management and is at the forefront of the next generation of low-power optical module products. 100G QSFP28 photoelectric transceivers (SR4, LR, CWDM4 and SDWM4) maximum power consumption is only 3.5W.

40G and 100G Quadwire active cable products with power settings that can be flexibly configured by the host system.

3, and then use the existing multi-mode fiber deployment

Today most data centers are still based on 10G Ethernet architecture, using OMG / OM4 duplex multi-mode fiber 10G Base-SR short-distance transmission. With the data center from 10G upgrade to 40G or even 100G, customers still want to retain the existing multi-mode fiber architecture, however, SR4 optical module in the interface need to connect strip multi-mode cable (multi-core), LR4 optical module requires double Today, Finisar is supplying the QSFP + LM4 module, enabling customers to implement 40 links on existing duplex multimode fiber, which is available in the existing dual-mode multimode fiber data center, Finisar is promoting the SWDM4 module to enable customers to implement 40G and 100G Ethernet transmission solutions on existing affordable dual-duplex multimode fiber architectures.

4,100G to 200G / 400G evolution

Since 2010, Finisar’s 100G Ethernet optical module has been a market leader in providing a large number of CFP optical modules for carrier routers and transmission systems. Since then, we have also expanded our 100G products to develop CFP2 , CFP4, CXP and QSFP28 and other modules, should be widely in telecommunications, emerging data centers and enterprise networks in the 100G system. However, we have not stopped, and we are actively leading the industry standard development and next generation Ethernet product development, including 200G and 400G rate of products, these products will meet the future high-performance data center long-term technical requirements.

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